» Model Crisis » Leaf + Elesa


Elesa was extremely nice towards the brunette. Caring, making sure nothing bad happened and the praising was something special. Leaf’s eyes sparkled at the top model, with a slight blush. "Oh, um, everything was fine—t-thank you!", she didn’t really want to take all the credit, then again, Leaf is full of humility and she sometimes doesn’t realize how much potential she has in some sorts of things.


"Please, I’m no where near as good as you. Not like you or your other models." She did have to admit she loved the outfit, she actually felt really pretty. Not that Leaf is self conscious about her looks, but it sure is different from what Leaf is used to look like. Everyone looked stunning, not just Elesa. In the short amount of time since Leaf met Elesa, she came to admire her. Now more than ever since she found out she’s also Nimbasa City’s Gym Leader.

Was this guy for real? Did he really just say Leaf should become a full-time model? “W-what!?”, she waved her hands in front of her chest. "Elesa’s right. I’m a regular trainer, not a model.", besides, Leaf does have other plans career wise. “Though I wouldn’t mind filling in if you ever need someone. I’d be happy too.”, true, she didn’t really mind offering a hand when in need.

"I’m very thankful for the experience Elesa. One is a life time, that’s for sure.", she bowed. 

"Oh good! I’m so glad to hear that." The girls for this show understood that people had to be picked at to fill in for a model absent. They understood that the models that were picked ended up being busy or forgetting so it wasn’t their fault. Elesa did choose the best of the best models that she knew and worked close too. But it made Elesa happy to know that there wasn’t any trouble for the younger female.

The manager let out some tears as he held a handkerchief. “Such a shame! Letting all this talent go to waste.” Elesa only smiled warmly at her manager as she looked at him. “I’m sure Leaf has some future plans for herself, we can’t just push on this modeling career onto her.” Elesa also knew her manager very well to know that he was trying to guilt trip the poor girl. “And you can’t guilt trip Leaf, that’s being very rude.”

As her manager was off sulking somewhere Elesa turned her attention to the girl. “I’m glad you enjoyed this experience. It was a pleasure working with you sweetie! I’m glad that we can count on you if we need you again.” She gave a wink at her. “Never be a stranger around these parts.”

- E N D -

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» Fly High || Elesa & Clair


Taking long strides, Clair brought her arms behind her head, releasing a rather obnoxious yawn. Running errands for the Elders was never an exciting task; getting away from Blackthorn by any means was enjoyable, however, and Goldenrod was especially lively this time of year. Tourists from all over flocked to the capital, ready to experience all of the attractions and atmosphere of Goldenrod’s holiday season.

She casually walked along the avenues, window-shopping for the moment; there was really no rush for her to complete her errands. Along the way, Clair noticed many people gawking at something - surely, it wasn’t her. She was very well known, but their stares were aimed in another direction. The subject of curiosity seemed to be another girl who was about to enter a store; she was rather pretty, wearing exotic clothing and walking with a dignified air about her.


"Woah, you’re not from around here, huh?" Clair startled within earshot of the other girl, as she made her way into the same establishment. It was somewhat rude, to say the least, but as usual, Clair’s filter was nonexistent. And for some odd reason, she couldn’t help but to think this girl looked familiar? She placed a finger to her lips as she studied the specimen further.

Yet, before she could continue into the shop, the stranger turned to exchange a look with the Dragon master. “Oh!” Clair exclaimed, officially making eye contact. “My bad, I didn’t mean to be rude.”

Holding out a hand, she smiled. The season’s spirits were about her wits. “I’m Clair, of Blackthorn City. Say… do I know you from somewhere?”

Well, as much as the female tried to “fit” right in with the crowd didn’t quite work out as much as she had hoped. Smiling brilliantly at people who began to swarm around her she nodded her head and spoke; answering their questions. So much for getting some shopping done.

It wasn’t until she heard a voice. "Woah, you’re not from around here, huh?" Blue hues darting to the voice she let out a sheepish of a laugh. “Oh, I guess it shows huh.” Well, obviously Elesa. It wouldn’t be if you didn’t have all these fans surrounding you…

Blinking her eyes slowly she wasn’t off put about the female’s appearance. She knew better then to judge someone so quickly. Once their eyes met though, the bluenette female seemed to have realized something. Covering her mouth the model laughed into her hand as she shook her head. “Oh, please don’t worry about that.”

Seeing her outstretched hand the raven-haired female brought her hand into her’s, shaking it. “Clair! What a pretty name!” She exclaimed happily. Upon taking a closer inspection Elesa could see that she would be a Clair, no other name would work for her.

Once her question was asked Elesa scratched her cheek sheepishly. “Ah, you probably have. I’m not really sure how fast or wide news spreads, but it seems to get around faster than I remember.” She laughed slightly.

Retracting her hand she rested it on her hip as she beamed a smile, which she was sure some people around the area swooned or possibly… fainted? Ah well, since she had gained a wide bunch of people as is, she might as well announce it anyways. “I’m Elesa from Nimbasa City, Gym Leader and supermodel. Pleasure to meet your acquaintance!”

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I’m seeing characters that are from Dogs Bullets and Carnage…. I like dissssss.

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» Yoooooo, Threadlist

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» Tea For Your Thought? (Ingo & Elesa)


Familiar blue hues brighten at him from beneath the curtain of her haute fringe. To some extent, Ingo is aware of a popular hearsay that certain celebrities are only rendered attractive when gracing public media, yet otherwise far less flattering in real life. However, intimately from their harboured acquaintanceship, the Subway Master knows very well that such a rumor is hardly one that should trouble Elesa.

When her delicate form wedges from her table and rises to meet him, he can’t help but welcome the young woman straight out of her glossy billboard posters.

Most suggestions liken her to her Pokemon - creatures of electrifying nature that appropriate to Elesa’s personality and preferences, no doubt. While hardly disagreeing, the subway boss personally reckons her to be a Chatot - aesthetically blessed, and pleasant to listen to. In fact, Ingo figures the most service he can be of to Elesa is to simply give his attentions and perhaps an ear for the concerns and amusements on her mind.

He, after all, is rather worthless at holding socially fruitful conversations.

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"I most certainly have." It would only be natural for the male to see the promos. It seemed that the Subway was the most popular spot for bulletins or other big news to be shown there. Probably due to all the trainers who went there.

Hearing his words though made Elesa’s heart swell in her chest. Despite the terrible gap of time she’s seen the twins - separate or together, it made her happy to know that he did see or just notice them.

It didn’t bother her the bit of what people would think or mostly what the media would say. If Elesa read or heard a bit of news that didn’t in a way, touch her the correct way she would deal with it head on. The female was very well liked, but she did have some media reporters try to destroy her. For what reason? No one really knows. But Elesa was attractive on and off the sets and would give anyone an ear or lend a shoulder or just anything for someone or Pokemon. She cared for everything, unless you ended up doing something that the women didn’t like, but even still.

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» Fly High

Elesa had requested off from her modeling life as well with her Gym Leader job. Her choice of where to get away? Johto region! It would be a new place for her to sight see, not to mention a small get away.

As she arrived she began looking around Goldenrod City. Seaport, buildings, bustling with life since the seasons were nearing. Staring out at the vast ocean Elesa started thinking. Christmas was soon upon again this year, she should buy people presents back in Unova.

Turning back around the female began glancing at the shops. Where would she begin, it was the first time she was ever in this neck of the woods, and she didn’t have a single clue on where to go. Pursing her lips together she brought the winter coat closer to her tiny frame as the weather was a bit nippy out.

"Well, better start somewhere." She mused to herself as she began walking towards one store. She could see the glances that were shot her way, some trying to figure out who she was, while others appeared to be in complete awe of her. So much for getting away from the fame life.

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